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Renewable Energy from Waste in the U.S.: Status and Trends for the Future

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Turning trash into treasure - discover the methods, technologies and economic expectations of converting waste into usable energy.

Receive a brief overview of the North American solid waste management landscape, followed by a review of how energy from waste has evolved since the 1970s. Receive an update on the status of waste-to-energy and conversion technologies including the latest information on technologies, players, and costs. You will be provided information on the current status of projects under construction, or that have recently started operations, with a special focus on key economic information (Capital Expenditures, Operating Expenses, service fees, etc.), drilling down into the specifics - when available - of how some of these facilities can be economically viable and how the technology is expected to meet economic, environmental, and reliability expectations. Receive information on the arrangements held between the technology developers and municipalities or private parties supplying waste for conversion and energy recovery, information regarding offtake and/or output purchase agreements, and information about funding sources (private financing, grants, tax incentives, etc.) that these projects expect to be able to use to help them to be cost-competitive with other local disposal options.
Included is a forecast of other technology implementations that can be expected in North America in the next decade based on past experience, trends, lessons learned from recent projects, and applicable experience in Europe.


Ljupka Arsova, Gershman, Brickner & Bratton, Inc. Stephen Simmons, Gershman, Brickner & Bratton, Inc.

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