Adopting a Green Building Ordinance into Your Community

April 2, 2012 — 1,167 views  
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There are many critical aspects of going green in communities across the United States today, all of which involve the reduction of wasted materials. Whether implementing a recycling program or adopting a green building ordinance, community officials need to provide citizens with the proper resources to adhere to new policies and programs.

New building construction, for example, contributes significantly to the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that have been linked to environment and climate changes worldwide. When communities can reduce their GHG emissions, they affect the planet significantly. However, some governing officials may not know how to effectively impose an ordinance.

There are many government agencies that can help draft a clearly defined ordinance, but it is up to local officials to implement incentive programs and provide resources to help people respond to new laws.

A green building task force can be an influential part of an ordinance, as these people can provide guidance on appropriate measures to take when building or renovating a property. Such a task force can be appointed by the city council and cover a wide range of jobs, from commercial to private construction.

Incentives are also a major part of any new ordinance, especially when it comes to green construction. Local governments can encourage the building of green properties by offering consultations and resources to help make the efforts cost-effective and innovative.

A green building ordinance can affect the environment positively, but it must be a group effort in order to make any long-lasting impact.