The Top 3 Ways to Help Revitalize a Downtown

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June 22, 2012 — 1,187 views  
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A downtown revitalization project could prove advantageous to cities or towns. New businesses and residents might be drawn to a municipality that features a booming downtown area, so it might be worthwhile to consider this type of economic development project.

Various strategies can be employed to revitalize a downtown. Here are the top 3 tips to significantly improve this area in your city or town:

1. Be flexible. - The University of Maryland notes that flexible downtown revitalization plans allow participants to easily adapt to local needs. It might take months or years to successfully revitalize your downtown, so develop goals and strategies with this in mind.

Flexibility is critical during your marketing efforts, which may begin with outreach. An effective downtown revitalization will likely require community support, so be sure to reach out to local businesses and residents. Consider their feedback when you create goals, as these participants can offer valuable insight into how locals view this area.

You can market your plan using a variety of tools, including pamphlets, press releases and social media. Success in this area might help you receive funding to enhance your efforts.

2. Seek multiple funding sources. - Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Contact any and all businesses and residents that could be positively affected by a revitalized downtown. These parties might be more likely to contribute to your efforts, and may consider becoming active supporters of your plan.

Additionally, fundraisers are great ways to share your message and raise money. Reach out to local function halls, restaurants, sports arenas and other large venues to see if they would be willing to support your cause. They might provide a place for you to host your fundraiser, and could be willing to offer beverages, food, supplies and other resources.

3. Emphasize what makes your downtown unique. - A downtown might feature one-of-a-kind retailers, restaurants or structures that stand apart from other cities and towns, and focusing on these spots might help you draw more support.

Take an outsider's perspective when you examine what makes your downtown unique. Think about features or places that you might not be able to find elsewhere, as these are often excellent selling points you can use to help market your plan.  

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