Communicate Easier with your Citizens: Mobile Phone Applications for Government Agencies

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October 10, 2012 — 1,062 views  
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Communicate Easier with your Citizens: Mobile Phone Applications for Government Agencies

Nearly half of the population in the United States now uses a smart phone on a daily basis. Because smart phone ownership has increased dramatically over the last three years, city and county government officials may find it more useful to use mobile applications and other types of smartphone technology when communication with their citizens is necessary.

Utilizing smart phone technology to contact citizens could potentially have large financial saving benefits for local government agencies. A mobile application specifically designed for government communication will allow a single message sent by city and county employees to reach a large number of people. Local government agencies will no longer have to spend vital man power hours and tax dollars on endless phone calling to every single resident in their jurisdiction. 

The design and implementation of a government communication system using smart phone technology is also inexpensive compared to the costs of setting up a normal communications system. A web design company that specializes in mobile applications may only charge a few thousand dollars upfront to develop the product, while a call center may costs tens of thousands of dollars, if not more. 

Mobile applications may also enable citizens to quickly report any problems that they may see, whether it is an emergency, pot holes or a damaged street sign. Being able to write a short report, take a picture and report a location all in one message via a mobile application is much more effective than having to interpret a description over the phone. 

Integrating a number of different features with a mobile application will greatly improve the services that local governments provide: 

  • The ability to take a picture with a mobile application may help government employees determine exactly what type of problem the citizen is trying to report.
  • Allowing the citizen to route their report to a specific government department will improve response time and cut the bureaucratic tape that is normally involved with communication between city and county employees.
  • Including a geo-location feature that allows government officials to know exactly where the problem occurred will allow them to respond faster to your area if it is an emergency, and reduce the amount of errors that are normally involved with citizen reporting.

Allowing “push notifications” to citizens who do not have the mobile application open on their smart phones will greatly increase awareness during a natural disaster emergency.



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