Top Reasons Why People Stop Using Public Transit

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February 1, 2013 — 949 views  
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Using various modes of public mass transit could be a cost-effective way to travel, but there are various disadvantages of such transit. The various negatives of public transportation include irregularities in scheduled timing, limited coverage, as well as a threat to personal safety of the commuter. 

Unreliability is the Top Reason for Discontent among Users

The major reason for discontent amongst the users, which prevents them from using public transit is the unreliability of the time schedule of the same. Long waiting periods add to the discontent; waiting for buses or trains that do not turn up is most demoralizing for a commuter using the public transport. The negative impact on the public transportation can be seen, as the number of public transport users has plummeted considerably owing to unreliable timing schedules. In fact, transit riders consider consistency in schedules to be more important as compared to shorter travel times. 

Some users have stopped using a specific public transportation owing to its inconsistent schedules, while other users have switched to other transportation modes.  Hence, it is imperative for transportation companies to improve the service quality by increasing the reliability quotient. A frequent service that includes a shorter waiting time at the bus stops is what can ensure that there are more public transportation users. However, there are certain factors such as traffic problems and emergencies that are unavoidable, but these are not factors that necessarily irk customers.  Hence, it is important for public transport systems to prevent operational issues within the system which add to inconsistent schedules.

Limited Access is Another Complaint

Another complaint from public transit users is the fact that there is limited access to reach specific destinations by using the public transportation system. Some routes are not exhaustive, and this can become a disadvantage for travelers as they do not find alternative modes of transport to get to their desired destination. Many places are not well-connected through public transportation, so the user has to plan accordingly, which can be quite cumbersome. Another deterrent in public transport modes is that they are sometimes non-operational during the late evenings, weekends, and even on holidays. 

Malfunction of Equipment and Risk of Crimes

One of the disadvantages that have made public transport users look for alternatives is the threat of getting robbed or attacked while using such transport systems. There are certain situations wherein the commuter is foreign to the language of that particular country and might therefore be more liable to get duped and attacked by criminals who take advantage of his vulnerability.

Another big disadvantage of using public transit is the fact that it has inconsistent schedules owing to malfunctions in the equipment and disruptions such as labor strikes and emergencies. This is particularly inconvenient for a tourist who has planned his itinerary which gets disturbed. The best way to avoid such a situation would be to check the status of various bus routes and train services and plan your travel route accordingly.

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