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Plat and Subdivision Law in Colorado

Immediate online access to this 100 page manual.
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Learn how to navigate through complicated subdivision procedures - and prevent costly mistakes.

Even in the current tight economy, you can be successful - and even prosper - in subdividing real property. Take advantage of this timely opportunity to boost your income by learning about the complex subdivision process under Colorado law.

Discover how the subdivision process interacts with other land use processes. Take the guesswork out of complying with statutory requirements. Purchase these reference materials and get critical updates and practical pointers on avoiding the legal pitfalls inherent in the subdivision process.

Benefits for You
•Adhere to complicated guidelines governing vested rights
•Comply with various legal requirements for subdivision plats and site plans
•Get practical tips from relevant case law dealing with platting and subdivision

Learning Objectives
•You will be able to review platting and subdivision legal requirements.
•You will be able to discuss impact fees and other development exactions.
•You will be able to describe use of site plans and environmental concerns.
•You will be able to explain vesting, eminent domain, inverse condemnation and constitutional considerations.


Moderator: Paul V. Franke, Polsinelli PC
Karen A. Aviles, Denver City Attorney's Office
Alexander B. Barton, Polsinelli PC
Howard B. Gelt, Polsinelli PC
Jack (Jay) L. Mankamyer II, Polsinelli PC
Cathy Mathis, TB|Group
Y. Melinda Pasquini, Polsinelli PC
Lawrence S. Pepek, King Surveyors, Inc.
Kris A. Pickett, Olsson Associates