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Police Liability

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How to avoid the pitfalls of police liability - what you don't know could hurt you.

Allegations of police misconduct frequently make headline news throughout the United States. Civil rights lawsuits against police are common and are likely to increase as our diverse society places more and more emphasis on individual rights.

Purchase these reference materials and learn the skills you need to handle every police liability challenge you face. Don't miss this opportunity to learn about the police liability issues you need to know - order now!

Benefits for You
•Grasp the key essentials of qualified immunity
•Learn the most effective tactics for avoiding civil liability
•Find out what you need to know about search and seizure
•Learn about practical considerations pertaining to the First Amendment


Moderator: Birney B. Bervar, Bervar & Jones
Richard L. Holcomb, Holcomb Law, LLLC
E. Mason Martin III, Mason Martin LLLC
Joseph T. Rosenbaum, Fujiwara and Rosenbaum, LLLC