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The New Form 990

Immediate online access to this 374 page manual.
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Navigate IRS Form 990 - learn about the critical issues every nonprofit needs to know.

Walk through the IRS Form 990 and get the expert knowledge you need to file correctly. Exempt organizations' tax forms have become more important as they're scrutinized by the IRS, Congress, the media, competitors, disgruntled employees and others. Purchase these reference materials and make sure you're presenting your filings correctly.

You will get a review of the underlying tax exemption principles involved, learn the procedural details and walk through how various items are reported on Form 990. These reference materials will explain what the answers mean in light of the tax principles and - perhaps more importantly - how they might be perceived by the general public. Order today.

Benefits for You
•Receive expert advice on disclosure and audit issues
•Take the headaches out of Form 990 procedural considerations
•Avoid common errors in reporting income, expenses and activities
•Understand the current governance requirements for nonprofit organizations

Learning Objectives
•You will be able to discuss Form 990 procedural considerations.
•You will be able to describe tax exempt organizations.
•You will be able to explain public charity status.
•You will be able to review Form 990 schedules.


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