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Managing Crisis: Six Steps to Leading in a Crisis

May 20, 2013

Why do some organizations do well in crisis while others fail? The answer frequently lies in their approach to managing the crisis. If one looks closely at how crises have been managed in the past it is possible to identify strategies that are common to every successful managed crisis. This 10 minute segment identifies the six basic steps that are essential to dealing with any crisis.

Foreclosure on Municipalities and Communities

October 11, 2012

Led by Congress for the New Urbanism CEO & President John Norquist, this 6-minute webinar will help local officials, real estate professionals, mortgage lenders and property owners better understand and manage foreclosures and vacant property. Highlighting experience from his 16 years as Mayor of Milwaukee, Norquist will suggest strategies that focus on protecting and maintaining community and neighborhood value. This webinar will examine how foreclosures and resulting vacancies threaten value and quality of life, but also present opportunities to improve processes and systems that can pay off in the long run.

Understanding Cooperative Contracts

February 24, 2012

Now, more than ever, today’s government and education agencies need and deserve the highest quality equipment, products and services. Watch this 20-minute webinar and gain a keen understanding of the value of both sides of the purchase order when contract purchasing is the method used in the business transaction.