Seminar ID: 100351

Foreclosure on Municipalities and Communities

Presented By:
John O. Norquist

Congress for the New Urbanism

You will Learn:

  • Presented by John Norquist, CEO & President of the Congress for the New Urbanism who served as Mayor of Milwaukee from 1988 to 2004
  • Leverage Federal Housing Programs to avoid foreclosures
  • Glean strategies to add value to communities before a crisis hits, and how to apply context-sensitive solutions to demolition and reuse
  • Find out how to manage distressed properties, and what tools municipalities can employ to avoid blight
  • Apply "The Wealth of Cities" to your community(Norquist's 1998 book)

Led by Congress for the New Urbanism CEO & President John Norquist, this 6-minute webinar will help local officials, real estate professionals, mortgage lenders and property owners better understand and manage foreclosures and vacant property. Highlighting experience from his 16 years as Mayor of Milwaukee, Norquist will suggest strategies that focus on protecting and maintaining community and neighborhood value. This webinar will examine how foreclosures and resulting vacancies threaten value and quality of life, but also present opportunities to improve processes and systems that can pay off in the long run.