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Emerging Topics in Local Economic and Infrastructure Development in California

OnDemand Webinar (92 minutes)

Learn about the latest issues and tools for California economic and infrastructure development. With the dissolution of redevelopment in California, local government has to learn to play by new rules to make economic development and infrastructure projects a reality. New tools such as P3 project delivery, Economic Infrastructure Financing Districts (EIFD) and Community Revitalization and Investment Authority (CRIA) provide a means to once again capture tax increment for the purpose of economic development. This topic will equip you with an updated economic development toolkit for communities in California.


Joseph Dieguez, Kosmont Companies
Seth Merewitz, Best Best & Krieger LLP


Private Project Assistance

• Local Economic Development "Post- Redevelopment"

- General Authority

- Existing Statutory Tools

- Emerging Statutory Tools

- New State Requirements and Limitations

• Land Use/Zoning Tools

• Real Property Assets/ LRPMP

Infrastructure/Public Project Financing

• P3 Project Delivery


Best Practices

• Case Study Examples (Long Beach Civic Center, Redondo Beach, etc.)

• Keys to Success

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