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Influencer Marketing for Your Nonprofit Organization

OnDemand Webinar (59 minutes)

Learn how your influencer marketing campaign can be a success.CEO Erika Taylor Montgomery and Director of Marketing & PR Danielle Winski will discuss tips, tricks, and approaches for creating an influencer marketing strategy. Topics include explaining what influencer marketing is, how influencers can help your organization, and types of influencers. We will also discuss choosing the best influencers to approach to reach your goals, measuring success, and more.


Erika Taylor Montgomery, Three Girls Media, Inc. Danielle Winski, Three Girls Media, Inc.


Introduction to Influencer Marketing

• What Is an Influencer?

• What Is Influencer Marketing?

• Why Use Influencer Marketing?

Types of Influencers

• Nano Influencer

• Micro Influencer

• Macro Influencer

• Mega Influencer

Influencer Marketing Strategy

• Where to Find Influencers

- TikTok®

- Instagram®

• Hashtags

- What Are They?

- How to Use Them

• How to Approach Influencers

Measuring Success

• Post-Engagement

• Website Traffic

• Increased Donations

Recap/Questions and Answers